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Gyokushin Ryu Aikido (玉心流合気道) is a comprehensive martial art dedicated to the preservation and continuation of the teachings of MOCHIZUKI Minoru, the founder of the Yoseikan style. The essence of Gyokushin Ryu Aikido is a direct result of teachings developed by Master MOCHIZUKI, based on a synthesis of many Japanese Budo (Nihon Sogo Budo) such as AIKIDO, JUDO, KARATE and KENJUTSU. Gyokushin Ryu is characterized by a variety of sacrificial techniques (sutemi) in addition to joint locks, foot sweeps, hip throws, and grappling.

On the name of the school, Mochizuki considered his sutemi, a hallmark of the Koryu Gyokushin Ryu Jujutsu style, as « Yoseikan Ryu Gyokushin Jujutsu ». Following the death of Master MOCHIZUKI and in honor of his teacher, WASHIZU Terumi Sensei named his art after this former school which Master MOCHIZUKI had sought to recreate and rediscover its techniques to ensure their continued preservation.


WASHIZU Sensei, like his predecessors, bases his teaching on the principles of mutual aid and prosperity, as well as the best use of energy. Demonstrating an aptitude and talent early on, he was often called upon by Mochizuki Sensei to have techniques demonstrated on him and played a fundamental role in the formation and creation of many of the techniques in the Yoseikan curriculum under the supervision of his teacher.


The Gyokushin Ryu was formed as an expression of 40 years of training and assisting MOCHIZUKI Sensei. The meaning of Gyokushin Ryu was conveyed to MOCHIZUKI sensei by OSHIMA Sanjuro, his Gyokushin-Ryu Jujutsu teacher: “The name of our tradition is the Gyokushin Ryu. The name is written with characters meaning ‘spherical spirit.’ A ball will roll freely. No matter which side it is pushed from it will roll away. Just this sort of spirit is the true spirit that Gyokushin Ryu seeks to instill in its members. If you have done this, nothing in this world can upset you.”

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